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Facial Esthetics

Our practice offers smile improvements that go beyond traditional cosmetic dentistry. In addition to taking on flaws that affect your teeth, we provide esthetic treatments that prevent new wrinkles and lines, smooth and firm skin, and improve lip fullness. We can offer these services on their own, or we can discuss combining this kind of care with cosmetic dental work to make outstanding overall changes!

What Can Facial Esthetics Do For Me?

With our esthetic treatment options, we can respond to concerns about wrinkles and lines as well as concerns about changes in lip volume that occur over time. Because your options for care include laser services, you can be amazed at the comfort and convenience of your procedure!

Your Facial Esthetics Treatment Options   

Botox Treatments

Botox protects against the formation of facial wrinkles by safely blocking chemical signals that cause muscles to contract. Stopping facial movements that lead to frown lines and other wrinkles will help you preserve a youthful look over the years.


The SmoothLase treatment provides anti-aging effects by encouraging collagen production in the skin around the chin and mouth. Better production helps to smooth wrinkles, improve elasticity, and generally give you a more youthful appearance. By using laser tools to treat the skin in this way, we make your procedure more comfortable and minimize downtime after your appointment.  


Whether you have always been self-conscious about your lips or worry about how they’ve changed with age, LipLase can help! The procedure uses laser stimulation to encourage more natural collagen development in the lips, which provides a fuller look, better balance between the upper and lower lip, and better-defined borders. Because you can enjoy results without the need for injectables, your procedure can be surprisingly comfortable, and you enjoy a faster recovery.

Learn More About Facial Esthetics Treatments Offered At Hygge Laser Dentistry

Our facial esthetics treatments can take your smile improvement plans to the next level. To learn more about these procedures, and how they can be part of a larger plan for cosmetic care, contact Hygge Laser Dentistry in Seattle, WA at 206-789-2555.

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