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Straighten Your Uneven Smile In 2024

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If you have misalignment, this could not only cause issues with the appearance of your smile, but your overall oral health too. Our team can offer clear Invisalign® aligners to treat misalignment, and we can help people who have been abandoned by the sudden bankruptcy of Smile Direct Club. In today’s blog, our dental office in Seattle, WA talks about the Invisalign® system.

The Oral Health Impacts of Poor Alignment

An uneven smile could cause you to feel embarrassed about your appearance, and you may even take steps to hide your smile from the world. In addition to impacts on your quality of life, this could also lead to poorer oral health. For example, crooked and crowded teeth are difficult to brush and floss thoroughly, so they’re more susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. Pressure on your jaw joints could also be a problem, as this makes the onset of TMJ disorder and bruxism (teeth grinding) more likely too. Don’t let your oral health suffer, talk to our team about the Invisalign® system.

The Invisalign® System

With Invisalign®, we don’t need metal brackets and wires to shift the teeth into proper position. Instead, our team will use a series of aligners custom-made for your smile. Each set fits over your teeth and gently shifts them slightly, correcting our smile over a period of a year to 18 months on average. This period is far shorter than metal braces require! You wear each set for 20 to 22 hours a day on average, and then begin wearing the next set after about two weeks. The aligners themselves are comfortable, and easy to clean and store. They can travel with you easily too.

Creating Your Custom Aligners

How do we create your custom aligners? To begin, we will take detailed digital images of your smile from multiple angles, and use them in a lab setting to design and craft the final product. Each set is tailored for you, offering care with precision and accuracy. They’re not only clear in appearance, but they’re also removable, which means you can take them out before meals and not worry about food being stuck in your orthodontics. Bring removable also means an easier time brushing and flossing, so the risk of cavities is much lower.

If you have any questions about how our team treats issues like misalignment, or if you would like to start treatment today, then contact our team right away. 2024 is a great year to finally tackle your misalignment with Invisalign®.

Ready for an Even Smile?

If you want to enjoy an even smile, call Hygge Laser Dentistry in Seattle, WA at (206)789-2555 to schedule an Invisalign® consultation. We’re ready to help you enjoy a smile that makes you feel confident!

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