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Broken A Tooth? Talk To Our Team!

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When you damage a tooth, it can feel like the world stops spinning. At these times, it is important to call your dentist quickly after breaking or cracking a tooth, as bacteria can start to invade the area. Your enamel provides a natural defense against infection, and when you lose its protection, your tooth becomes at risk. If you have broken a tooth, finding a restorative solution quickly can help you to avoid a nasty toothache.

At our helpful dental office in Ballard, WA, we are here to help you after you damage one or more of your teeth. With dental crowns that blend in with your natural smile, our team can help you find a solution that keeps you looking your best while repairing your damage. While you wait to call your dentist, your smile is at risk of further deterioration, so reach out to our team today!

Enamel Is A Shield From Bacteria

Your natural enamel provides a barrier between your mouth and the more vulnerable tissue within your tooth. This means that when you break or crack a tooth, you lose this protection. At this point, bacteria can make their way into the fleshy interior called pulp, and when an infection happens, it can lead to some serious problems for your oral health.

Bacterial infection can reach the nerve within the affected tooth, and this can lead to a major toothache. This situation can require a root canal to save the tooth, and if it continues, an extraction may be necessary. Talking to your dentist quickly can help you to avoid further harm, so reach out to our team after realizing that you have broken a tooth.

Dental Crowns That Blend In With Your Natural Smile

Finding that you have broken a tooth is a struggle, but it is important to remember that you have a team ready to help you. Whether you have injured yourself through trauma, or if decay has weakened your enamel, talk to our team about your next steps.

When you see your dentist, they may recommend a dental crown to help renew your smile. This is a durable cap that emulates your natural tooth material, providing a new chewing surface that you can trust. There are options that can blend in with the rest of your smile, which can help you to continue to look your best while repairing the location.

Repair Your Smile With Ballard!

Broken a tooth? Take the time to meet with your dentist to learn about your options in repair. To find out more about repair for dental damage, or to schedule your appointment, give us a call at Hygge Laser Dentistry in Seattle, WA at (206)789-2555.

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