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Sculpting A New Smile With Porcelain Veneers

seattle veneers
seattle veneers

When you have several issues with the appearance of your teeth, then you may need to undergo cosmetic treatment. Instead of several treatments, our team could potentially transform your smile with a single treatment! In today’s blog, your Seattle, WA, dentist talks about how we improve smiles with one or more of our porcelain veneers.

Minimal Impacts on Your Smile

These custom veneers can address multiple cosmetic issues while having a minimal impact on your smile. The process begins with our team numbing your teeth before we gently remove a very thin layer of outer enamel, which makes room for the finished veneers. We then take detailed digital images and measurements of these teeth from multiple angles, and use them in a lab setting to design and craft your custom cosmetic restorations. We don’t need to remove the multiple layers of outer enamel that we would with dental crowns.

Addressing Multiple Imperfections

When we place the completed veneers, they can offer a smile makeover by addressing multiple cosmetic concerns at once. For example, we can mask permanent teeth stains that could resist traditional teeth whitening. Our team could also repair minor damage to the teeth and correct misshapen structures too. We can close embarrassing gaps and black triangle spaces between the teeth as well, and lengthen structures worn down by bruxism. Placement could also improve bite balance and the appearance of your alignment too! For many, this means a major change to the overall appearance, function, and balance of your bite.

Attaching Your New Restorations

When we complete your custom porcelain veneers, you will return to the office so we can check the fit and if needed, make some final adjustments to the completed restorations. Next, we will attach them with the same powerful bonding agent we employ to secure dental crowns and even dental bridges in place. Once in place, they can remain there for years to come. Good oral hygiene habits can help them stay bright, and protect the teeth we have attached them to, ensuring they can last for years to come. You should brush and floss daily, eat a healthier diet and drink more water, and see our team for a checkup and cleaning every few months.

If you have any questions about how we transform the appearance of your smile with our custom porcelain veneers, then contact our team today to learn more. You deserve results that make you feel confident when you show off your smile!

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